"OUTSIDE 106" Pop-up exhibition event. 

James Hornsby takes over a vacant shop front in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley for an art opening event like no other. “Outside 106” delivers an intimate window into the artist’s studio as the shop front on Ann street becomes awash with over 20 major works, drawings, paintings, sculptures and over 200 Polaroid photographs from Hornsby’s studio.

The celebratory event welcomed attendees to interact and contribute to graffiti murals and dance to the sounds of Kraznov, Rohan the intern and Dameeela.

Hornsby's installation draws on ideas of " millennial living, the contemporary image, depression, dreams, social realism, hive mind, anxiety, story telling, why can’t I sleep?, the presumed ‘truth’ of photographic media, my bank account is in the negatives again and the end of the world'.

OUTSIDE 106, a cross roads and high-speed collision of the complexities of culture in 2018.

"Outside 106" event photos by Seamus Platt.