"Trapped" Screening at Adelaide Festival Centre, 2018.

Trapped, (2016) is a video that explores and presents ideas of intimacy in a digital age. Driven by the artists own experiences as an adolescent, coming of age at a time when mobile devices and the internet were rapidly becoming an important part of the lives of the people around him.

“Societies’ widespread adoption of the internet has made computers the main platform for social interaction. I seek to throw aside any digital interaction and reconnect with “real life” experiences but can’t help but find myself feeling left out and disconnected in an age where the internet and digital technology is rapidly transforming life, work and politics. I am trapped, relying on technology to connect with others but only find the interactions to feel empty”.

The work takes a critical stance on the contemporary image and how people and things are perceived on the internet. Showing fragmented, paper thin, cut out slices of physical materials and body digitally manipulated and assembled together. The work reflects the contemporary human experience living with “technology reliance” and our relationships with digital technology. The aftereffect, a hyper coloured, perplexing mashup of digital and “real”.


Trapped was presented as a large scale immersive projection installation in correlation with Queensland Museum and Brisbane Street Art Festival in February 2017.